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PGA Golf Instruction: Tailored to Each Golfer

Our golf learning facilities provide golfers a chance to Learn & Practice in a relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere.

"An absolutely outstanding lesson - within minutes my swing flaw was diagnosed and fixed. Thanks so much for making this a wonderful golf season." - Jim

Whether your goal is to learn the game of a lifetime, lower your handicap, win a club championship or to become the best player you can be, Sittler Golf Academy has the answer for you. Our focus is on you the golfer and helping you reach your maximum potential. Our innovative approach is focused on your individual needs and is tailored to your requirements and ambitions as a golfer.

  • PGA Certified Instructors offer a wide array of talent and personalities giving each golfer the opportunity to find a unique match for his or her learning style and pace
  • Private Lessons customized instruction and the development of a program to meet your individual goals
  • State-of-the-Art Facility we have indoor and outdoor teaching areas and state-of-the-art computer and video equipment to help analyze your unique swing
  • ABC's for Beginner Golfers the perfect start for beginning golfers
  • Group Lessons and Clinics offer wide variety of programs to meet the goals of all golfers
  • Junior Programs a nationally recognized PGA Junior Program
  • Informational & Tip Seminars weekly seminars and clinics. Most clinics are free or require the purchase of a bucket to participate

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Private Lesson Rates

Private instruction from Sittler Golf Academy allows you to improve all areas of your golf game with several packages to meet the needs of golfers at all levels. With student improvement as our goal, we are certain that whichever instructional program you choose, you will enhance your knowledge of your golf swing while creating a clear plan to achieve your playing goals.

Rick Kline, PGA Professional   

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson: $55
  • One Hour Lesson: $110
  • 1/2 Hour Digital Lesson: $65
  • One Hour Digital Lesson: $130
  • Semi-Private Lesson, Two golfers for one hour: $110

Assistant Professionals - Ricky Kline

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson: $45
  • One Hour Lesson: $90
  • 1/2 Hour Digital Lesson: $55
  • One Hour Digital Lesson: $110
  • Semi-Private Lesson, Two golfers for one hour: $90

Customized Lesson Packages

Customized to your individual goals which includes Game Evaluation & Program Plan. The emphasis of custom instruction is on overall game improvement and lowering scores. Your instructor will evaluate your swing and discuss your goals. They will design a program to meet your needs and discuss the order in which the topics will be covered to maximize your improvement.

Example Program:

  • 1 Hour Evaluation and Instruction
  • 1/2 Hour Putting
  • 1 Hour Fitness Evaluation & Full Swing
  • 1/2 Hour Chipping
  • We Recommend Scheduling FIRST Lesson for 1 Hour

The following Programs must be Completed within 6 months:

Ball Striker:

  • Two 1/2 hour & One Digital Lesson
  • $165 w/ Rick Kline ($175 value)
  • $135 w/ Assistant Pro ($145 value)
  • Must be completed within 6 months

Tee to Green:

  • Five 1/2 Hours of Instruction (2 of which are Digital Lessons)
  • $270 w/ Rick Kline ($295 value)  
  • $220 w/ Assistant Pro ($245 value)  
  • Must be completed within 6 months

Tee to Green & Beyond:

  • Eight 1/2 Hours of Instruction (4 of which are Digital Lessons)
  • $420 w/ Rick Kline ($480 value)  
  • $340 w/ Assistant Pro ($400 value) 
  • Must be completed within 6 months

The following Programs must be Completed within 12 months:

Grand Slam:

  • Six Total Hours of Instruction - Six 1/2 hour & 6 Digital Lessons
  • Free VIP Membership. ($90 value)
  • Free One Hour in Simulator ($50 value)
  • $630 w/ Rick Kline ($860 value)  
  • $510 w/ Assistant Pro ($740 value)  

US Open:

  • Nine Total Hours of Instruction - Nine 1/2 hour & 9 Digital Lessons
  • Free 11/2 Hour Playing Lesson
  • Free VIP Membership. ($90 value)
  • 2 Free Hours in Simulator ($100 value).
  • $995 w/ Rick Kline ($1370 value) 
  • $815 w/ Assistant Pro ($1075 value)  

British Open:

  • Thirteen Total Hours of Instruction - Thirteen 1/2 hour & Thirteen Digital Lessons
  • Free 3 Hour Playing Lesson
  • Free VIP Membership. ($90 value)
  • 3 Free Hours in Simulator ($150 value)
  • Free Custom Iron or Wood Fitting
  • $1465 w/ Rick Kline ($2350 value) 
  • $1205 w/ Assistant Pro ($2040 value)  

Golf Instruction & Club Fitting Technology

Shaft Optimizer

Matching the right shaft to your swing is absolutely critical for just about every aspect of your shot – distance, control, ball flight, trajectory and feel. In just a few swings, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizery measures five critical aspects of your swing to determine your unique Swing DNA™. Your information is entered into Mizuno’s patented Shaft Optimizer software, which then recommends a shaft with performance characteristics perfectly matched to your individual swing.

  • Club Head Speed: How fast the club head and shaft are moving during your swing.
  • Tempo: How quickly you transition from your backswing to your downswing.
  • Shaft Toe Down: Measures how far the shaft bends in a downward direction during your downswing.
  • Shaft Kick Angle: Measures how far the shaft bends forward during your downswing.
  • Release Factor: How and when the club head and shaft are released during the downswing


jc-videoJC Video Motion Analysis

Visual feedback is an excellent component during a lesson, instant video replay sets the mental image for the student to help alter their swing. Instruction with video is a tremendous advantage in any form of teaching motor skills. 87% of everything you learn is through visualization, your brain is an incredibly complex instant replay system which can mimic almost any action it see's. JC Video’s Digital Mirror Ultimate Software is the benchmark for all other Motion Analysis programs.


FlightScope is used for golf instruction, swing analysis, club fitting and club recommendation. FlightScope also is used as a golf training aid and for personal practice by tour professionals and amateur golfers alike. FlightScope has integrated with complementary technologies like ball-fitting logic and club-recommendation software.

simulatorState of the Art Full Swing Simulator

The ultimate indoor golf experience. Featuring state of the art courses, ball tracking, and swing statistics, our golf simulator drives results for your game.


Meet The Professionals

RickRick Kline, Director of Golf & PGA Professional & Certified Clubfitter

Rick Kline is a Class A PGA Head Professional and owner of Sittler Golf A dedicated professional, instructor and mentor, Rick has overwhelmingly demonstrated his commitment to Golf. Rick is the proud recipient of many acknowledgements and awards:

  •     National PGA Merchandiser 2013
  •     Philadelphia PGA Section Merchandiser 1993 & 1995 (Marriott Seaview Resort) 2003, 2005, 2011 (Sittler Golf)
  •     PGA Best 100 Golf Shops 1991 & 1992 (Marriott Seaview Resort)
  •     Top 25 Golf Shops in America 2005 – 2006 by Golf Range Association
  •     Top 50 Ranges in America by Golf Range Association 1999 - 2019GRAAPro
  •     Top 50 Teaching Professional 2012 - 2018 Golf Range Association
  •     GRAA Growth of the Game Teaching Professional - Elite Member Status 2019
  •     Best 100 Fitters in America 2011-2019 – Golf Digest
  •     Taylormade Top 100 Fitter of the Year 2013
  •     Mizuno Top 100 Fitter 2004, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015
  •     Ping Regional Fitter of the Year 2002, 2012
  •     Callaway Mid-Atlantic Fitter of the Year 2011
  •     Cobra Regional Fitter of the Year 2004
  •     Wilson Regional Fitter of the Year 2003
  •     Member of President’s Advisory Council
  •     Member of PGA Magazone Advisory Board
  •     Member of Golf Range Association Advisory Board
  •     President of Lehigh Valley serving Berks County First Tee Chapter
  •     Level I instructor for First Tee

Rick is a firm believer in community involvement and introducing young golfers to the Game of a Lifetime. As a former Head Golf Coach of Kutztown High School and developer of the local intra-mural program, Rick is committed to the growth of Junior Golf in our community. Rick has worked with thousands of golf students helping them improve their golf game and overall golf experience. His solid teaching skills are focused on improving the student's playing ability. He works with his students in establishing goals and objectives by which improved performance is measured.

By combining swing mechanics, short game techniques, physical training and a good mindset for golf, students achieve maximum results. Rick's personable style, extensive use of training aids and drills with a relaxed direct approach to problem solving has made him a sought-after teacher for students at all skill levels. Rick is an Educator of Clubfitting and travels the United States several times a year to share his knowledge of club fitting with his fellow professional club fitters.

Ricky Kline, Head Golf Professional & Certified Clubfitterricky

Ricky has been working in the golf industry for over 14 years at various facilities. He has been teaching and club fitting for over 8 years. Ricky has a passion for sharing his love of the game with golfers of all levels. He enjoys helping people play better golf and being a resource of knowledge on all aspects of golf including mental aspects of the game, practicing efficiently and correctly, how to have fun while playing and understanding what the best golf equipment is for each individual person.

Ricky has worked at Sittler Golf Center for the better part of the past 14 years learning from his father, PGA Head Professional Rick Kline and other PGA professionals that have been at the facility and at surrounding facilities in Berks/Lehigh counties. He's also been to various other states; i.e. Arizona, California and Florida to study and learn from other teachers and professionals.

"I've taught golfers of all levels from beginners that have never picked up a club to low handicap golfers that have specific swing and mental needs. Golf is a very comprehensive sport that anyone can play as long as they put their mind to it. I want to help all golfers, at any level reach their specific goals. Whether it's making solid contact, breaking 100, fixing a slice/hook, breaking even par or countless other goals; we can develop a plan of action and find the best way to improve your all around game. During our first lesson, I like to take a look at your current swing and discuss how long you've been playing for, how often you play/practice, what are your expectations while playing, what are your strengths/weaknesses and get your overall goals. Even if you don't know your goals, we help get a better understanding of realistic goals that we can achieve. From there we can make a plan of action that best fits your needs and wants. All lessons are personalized and tailored to each person and their respective swings and goals. No two people are exactly alike in life nor in golf."

Scott Delair, Assistant PGA Golf Professional & Certified Clubfitterscott delair

Scott was born and raised in Tupper Lake, New York in the heart of the Adirondacks. Scott began playing golf as a teenager while working in his father's restaurant at Tupper Lake Country Club. After playing high school golf, Scott chose to study Professional Golf Management at the State University of New York in Delhi where he also played college golf and later went on to pursue his PGA Membership status.

"I was the Assistant Golf Professional at the Malone Golf Club in Northern New York from 2014 to 2018. While at Malone I was worked closely with the Golf Operations as well as teaching private and group lessons, providing clubfittings and organizing junior golf camps. I have a passion for teaching the game of golf as well as learning as much I can about equipment, clubfitting and the technology to help golfers find the right equipment for their swing."

Golf Instruction FAQ's

How do I schedule a Private Lesson?

  • Click HERE to schedule online or Call SGC at 610-683-7232 to schedule your lesson today.

How do I sign up for Get Golf Ready or other clinics?

  • Please call the Golf Shop at 610-683-7232 to sign up today.

How do I sign my child up for Junior Camps?

  • Please complete the forms on the Junior Golf Programs page to register for any of the Junior Academy Programs.

Are range balls included in lessons?

  • Range Balls are included during Private Lessons, Junior Camps & Get Golf Ready Clinics. SGC offers Free workshops and clinics throughout the season that may require a Large Bucket purchase to participate.

Do I have to pay for a series of private lessons before I take the first one?

  • No. we recommend taking your first lesson and then deciding if you want to purchase a series, which will save you money.

Where do I go when I get to Sittler Golf Center?

  • Please check in at the Golf Shop counter at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. The Golf Shop attendant will direct you where to warm up.

Where do I pay for my Lesson?

  • Please pay the Golf Shop Attendant before going out to warm up.

Do lessons include video I can take home?

  • Digital Lessons include a dvd to take home and review. Many packages include a few digital analyis lessons.

Do I need golf shoes for lessons?

  • If you are just beginning golf, no, you don’t need to invest in shoes before you know if you even like the game. However, if you do have golf shoes, we would recommend wearign them during the lesson.

Do I bring all of my clubs to a lesson?

  • Yes.

I am a beginner. Do I need clubs?

  • Welcome to the Game of a Lifetime! You will find our staff  fun and non-intimidating. If you don’t have clubs yet, you can rent borrow them here. Once you have a couple of lessons under your belt, we can fit you for your first set of clubs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, that's what we are here for.

What is the best way to start my child learning to play golf?

  • We recommend our junior group class or a series of private junior lessons. Please call or stop by the golf shop and we can recommend some first steps for your child.

How much time should I allow between lessons?

  • This depends on many factors, including your current skill level, your commitment to practicing between lessons and if you have a certain timeframe goal for improvement. Discuss this with your instructor to come up with a game plan for your lessons.

Do I have to schedule all the lessons in a series right now?

  • No. It is always preferable to plan ahead and schedule your lessons out over the course of certain time period. This will encourage you to practice between sessions and help speed your game development. However, you can use the lessons in the series as fast or as slow as you like. (All packages expire 6 months after the first lesson)

As a new golfer, at what point should I purchase clubs?

  • We recommend as soon as possible once you can make consistent contact with the ball. If you are unsure, just stop by the golf shop or talk to your golf instructor and they will be able to help you. It is very important for you to start off right with the proper equipment

How much do clubs affect my ability to learn how to play and get better?

  • When you are learning to play, it is particularly important to have clubs that are close to being fit for you. If you develop a swing with clubs that are not right for you there is a good chance you will have difficulty being consistent and you may even develop compensations in your swing because of your clubs. You don’t want to develop muscle memory for a swing that has to be modified because the club isn’t right for you.

On-Site Club Fitting Systems

  • Callaway Golf

    Callaway Golf

  • Cobra


  • Mizuno


  • Ping


  • Srixon


  • Taylormade


  • Titleist


  • Touredge


  • Wilson


  • Xxio