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Club Repair & Regrip Center

See Golf Shop for additional models. Grip Prices include instillation!

tour velvet tour wrap cp2 wrap cp2 pro mcc red mcc blue mcc 4 multi compound 4 align
Golf Pride
Tour Velvet
Golf Pride 
Tour Wrap
Golf Pride
CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride 
CP2 Pro
Golf Pride
Multi-Compound Red 
Golf Pride
Mult-Compound Blue
Golf Pride
Mult-Compound +4 Grey
Golf Pride
Multi-Compound +4 Grey ALIGNED
Standard  $7.99 Standard  $7.99 Undersize  $10.99 Undersize  $10.99 Standard  $13.99 Standard  $13.99 Standard  $13.99 Standard  $14.99
Midsize    $8.99 Midsize    $8.99 Standard   $10.99 Standard   $10.99     Midsize    $14.99 Midsize    $15.99
Jumbo     $9.99 Jumbo     $9.99 Midsize     $11.99 Midsize     $11.99     Jumbo     $15.99 Jumbo     $16.99
    Jumbo      $12.99 Jumbo      $12.99        

comfort plus  sonar sonar wrap crossline  dritac      
Comfort Plus
Sonar Plus
Sonar Plus Wrap
Undersize  $9.99 Standard  $10.99 Midsize   $11.99 Undersize  $7.99 Undersize  $9.99      
Standard   $9.99     Standard   $7.99 Standard   $9.99      
Midsize     $10.99     Midsize     $8.99 Midsize     $10.99      
        Jumbo       $11.99      

Don't Slip. Regrip.

We have a wide variety of new grips in stock to provide you with that new club feel without purchasing clubs! We can help you find the right grip for your needs and the correct size for optimal performance in your clubs.

We carry a variety of companies including: Golf Pride, Lamkin, Ping, Superstroke and Winn


gripsA majority of repairs are sent back to the company of origin in order to preserve the manufacturers warranty. However, if warranty is no longer valid we will evaluate the club and damage and quote an estimate on options and costs:

  • Re Epoxy
  • Lengthing/Shortening
  • Reshafting


  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Ping
  • Super Stroke
  • Winn

    Sittler Golf Updates

    Golf Shop Hours: 10am- 7:00pm

    Last Bucket & Mini Golf at 5:30pm

    Please adhere to our safety protocols so we may all continue to enjoy the game of golf:

    1. All customers MUST wear masks in building

    2. Socially distance by following guides on floor while waiting in line

    3. Buckets, mini golf clubs and balls will be disinfected after each use