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PLAYer Level Certification Requirements

PLAYer Level Certification Requirements
(Participant is at least 7 years of age)


This is the NEW entry level for ALL students age 7 and older comprised of 16 hours of instruction including one session at local golf course. All participants must complete the PLAYer Level before going in to the other certified levels.


ATTENDANCE: During the eight-week session at the end of which participants intend to move up, they MUST have attended six out of eight classes. A minimum of 10-30 hours of training (at least two 8-week sessions) is required, depending on individual student’s age and skill level.

HOMEWORK: It is critical that students complete the homework assignments given each week by their coaches. These are found in the Yardage Book they receive appropriate to the level of training. It is also imperative that they find time to practice their golf skills between classes.

LEARN: Pass a Life Skills/Healthy Habits test composed of 12 questions by scoring 10 out of 12.

APPRECIATE: Pass a Golf Knowledge test composed of 10 questions by scoring 8 out of 10.

PUTTING: Complete one nine-hole putting round (during class time) from distances of 10, 20, and 30 feet quickly, safely and courteously. There is no maximum score.

AGE: The participant must pass the above tests and skills, and achieve the minimum age of nine (9) not later than the first day of the next Par session in order to progress to the next level.

Note that putting is the only golf requirement at the PLAYer Level, and the Golf Fundamentals presented are: Distance Response, Target Orientation, and Get Ready to Swing (grip, hold, stance).

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